Write Cell to Column D if Column A contains name of client

Hello All,

How can I write a remark of “Successful” on each row if it contains the name of the client?

I’m using for each row loop but the Index variable is not incrementing

Hi @Gus_Fring,

Maybe index variable is duplicate, so it cannot be updated. Your flow seems correct. The problem is index i guess, or the if condition is not return true. Kindly control it.
And cell is F at write cell activity.



I’m using ReFramework and I put the write cell activity to the Success state but it repetitively writing the success remark to row 1 and 2. I think I need to find the row index so that I can add the Successful status to the other Client Name but I don’t know how to achieve that to make my Cell range automatically detect the row index of a specific Client Name.

I don’t know about the details of the flow, but my suggestion will be to get the mark “Successful” along with something unique like “Invoice number” for example and do simple “Vlookup” in the excel sheet.

Hi @Gus_Fring.

I’m attaching a workflow example for you. Hope it will works for you.
This example is with Excel. You just need to use GSuite activities on the place of Excel activities.

Example.zip (8.7 KB)