Write Cell: The write operation failed, because one of the following reasons:

Hi community!

I’m facing an issue while automating an Excel file. The goal of the automation is to refresh and filter pivot tables in an Excel file. When trying to type into the filter field I’m getting the following message:

Write Cell: The write operation failed, because one of the following reasons:
► The data you want to write “1/2/2023” has a wrong format;
► Excel is busy or you are currently editing a cell;
► If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator;
► During the write operation make sure no dialog windows are opened.

I’ve already checked the 4 possible reasons and none of them apply. I’ve also tried using modern and classic Excel activities.

Below is the field where I need to add the filter (previous date).

I’ve already tried:

  • Modern and classic write cell activity;
  • Type into activity;
  • Filter pivot table (modern activity)

None of the above worked.

Any help is really welcome.

Thank you and a lovely 2023!

HI @roberto.piccolli

You have a activity to filter the pivot table you can try that

Click on Add and give any number of data


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately the filter pivot table activity isn’t robust enough.
When using this activity I could noticed that not always the pivot tables are correct filtered.

Is there any other way you can think of? I need to filter about 10 different pivot tables in the same file.

Best regards,
Roberto Piccolli

Hi @roberto.piccolli,

You can use VBA Macro’s, but i am not sure in your orginization it will allows or not? An another option is invoke code and use vbs scripting to refresh the pivot table.

Pavan Kumar.

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