Write Cell: The range does not exist. Error after Upgrade to 2019.4.4 Enterprise version

The process has been in production for over a year and no issues. Recently upgraded to 2019.4.4 version everything was working well for a couple of days and then started failing in areas where Excel scope was used.

Replaced a few excel scope activities with workbook and deployed to production but I do not think that is the solution.

Here is the catch though, the same process works well on Non-prod environments in unattended mode with excel scope. Fails only on the production bot with the “Write Cell: The range does not exist” error. Any help would be appreciated.



Have you used Write Cell Activity inside the Excel scope application or not ?

And also so me properties of Write Cell Activity and so that we can check and help you.

Of course the write cell is within the excel application scope. And please remember this was a fully functional process and feature, that’s not working only in one environment.
Here’s the screenshot of the properties:

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I am facing the same issue with a complex excel.
Whenever I use UI actions (click, type into) and the Excel file is open I can set the formula to any cell I want.
But, this kind of work maes the robot unstable and much slower than expected -especially when I need to update thousands of cell values.
So, I NEED to use the backgroung activities. When I try to do the very same updates to th very same cell values using Write Cell inside an Excel Scope activity, I get the infamous “Range does not exist” exception, even if in exactly the previous action I can Read Cell …

I take it as a core UiPath bug.
@UiPath people: Do we expect this fixed soon? This is quite urgent in my case.

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Is this fixed guys? I get the same error!