Write cell - Range does not exist

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update: I’m not able to attach the xaml as being a new member I believe :confused:

In the context of my job, I’m currently writing down a few sequences using Excel toolset.
More specifically, I get an error when I try to specify the range of a write cell activity. The error window is as follow:

I looked around in the forum but unfortunately couldnt find an appropriate answer to my problem :confused:

To give a bit of context here (and I’ll attach the xaml as well), I need to retrieve a row index (I created a column “index” in the excel) based on a 1-1 match I do using ctrl + f. Once it is done, the number is stored in a variable called index and reused to update cells in predefined columns using Write cell activities.
Afterwards, I created a variable (range1) that is defined as “column” + index.toString. For instance, if I have to update a specific cell (based on the match) in column F, I’d assign “F” + index.toString to range1, then put range1 as the Range in the Write Cell activity.
Nonetheless, the error message pops up when the robot reaches the write cell activity. I tried using & instead of + but it doesnt work better.

I dont know if any of you have encountered this type of issues, or would think of what might be wrong here ?

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Hi @v_sp,

can you check the index.ToString value.
if suppose index value is “0” means it will through the exception i hope. can you check


Hi Arivu,
Thanks for your answer. The index value is indeed always >0; I used a write line function to make sure the output is as expected and it always returns actual cell references (ex: F2, G4, …). :confused: