Write cell inside for each of filter data table from Excel File , inside if condition of Element exist

I want to update excel cell for column X based on whatever the result comes in for Column Y.

See flow below:

Read Excel file
Filter Excel File and get only Column A, P, T
Want to process each row from column A
IF column A process sucess - then update Excel column T(Status)'s row for the same row of A (A2=T2)
IF Fail, update excel column T2 .

I am confused in writing the range as I don’t know how to get cell number to update value.

Can you share your excel file?


Please see attached sample file and the steps I mentioned inside Excel File.

Let me know if you need anything.

Thank you So much
Sample.xlsx (32.8 KB)

There is no data in Column T As per your Condition.

Yes, Correct and Thanks.

I’ve solved this.

Hey I solved it but for that lookup range I’ve to open Excel Each time which might cause an issue because I have multiple records. Is there any way that I can update cell records without opening Excel?

Current Workflow :

  • Opening Excel
  • Used Lookup Range Activity
  • Used write cell Activity.

@ushu IF you can help here . Thanks in advanced.

Use Workbook read range instead of Excel application scope will not open Excel Every time.

Let me know if you have any other requirement.

But I am using Lookup Range activity to get those values and using the output of lookup range in Write cell activities Range.

So, If I use workbook activity then how should I get the values or how should I use lookup range ?

Uncheck visible property of Excel application scope, It will not open your excel everytime you are using lookup range or write cell activities.

Hope it helps.


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Hello @sb001 Perfect solution. Thats Working and thank you so much for your help.

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