Write cell beyond a to z range in Gsuite - Google Sheets?

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I am using GSUITE and trying to write in a cell using write cell activity beyond A to Z, let’s say Cell AF2. How do we write into that cell without entering the cell address as “AF2” in the reference cell. I want to get it by giving the column index.

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If you want to get the last column you can do it in 2 ways


First the balareva activity second is with this part of code, yourDT.columns.count the pass this index in your write cell


@fernando_zuluaga Thanks for your response, No, it’s not the last column and am using Google sheets not excel.

Does this work for Gsuite - Google sheets?

Hi @Pruthvi.G ,

Is this what you were looking for?


As long as you can compute the index, you can using this snippet of code to perform the conversion →


Would that help?

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@ashwin.ashok Thanks for the response but I am looking for help in GOOGLE SHEETS and not excel. Is there a way to do it in GOOGLE SHEETS?

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I understand that, but you wanted the range, correct?
This snippet of code with allow you to compute the range, which you can them pass into the range like so →

UiPath.Excel.Helpers.ExcelUtilities.ConvertColumnIndexToColumnLetter(32) + int_index.ToString

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Got it @ashwin.ashok

Thank you so much. That helped!

Always happy to help!

I’d appreciate it if you marked the answer as Solution so that others facing similar issues may benefit from it aswell, and also so as to close this thread.

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