Write and add last two value in excel

Hi I have requirement for first record Copy value of AG column and paste in AJ column then add last two value i.e one is last in AJ column sum with next AG column.As mentioned in attachment
$977.53+$7.00 = $984.73 paste this amount in AJ
then next $984.73 + 1049.18= $2033.91 this amount in AJ

Write the value in AJ1 first and then

The simple thing you can do is using the formula in AJ column using write cell activity

=sum(AJ1+AG2). To get all the values use Auto fill range

No I need to done by UIpath. Because it is the sub part of application For Every excel we can’t apply formula

Then you need to read cell everytime and sum up the value and paste it back to required cell using write cell activity which will take lot of time @Aditya10989.

Can you please let me know if any issues with the above solution :slight_smile:

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I am working on this.if required will tell you