Write after the last row on excel

i want to know the last row writed on excel to write after.

¿It´s possible to put something up of write range to know the last row writed on excel and write the answer in the cell where you put the cell to write in write range?


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Hi @jfernandez

You can Try with Append Range activity


Hi @jfernandez
there are two ways to achieve this

  1. using append range activity ( Direct method)
  2. finding last row of excel by using read range …storing that count in a variable
    and later passing that in ur write range activity


Also @jfernandez

please find an example for ur reference


Hello @jfernandez ,

You can use append range to append the values to the existing excel (it will write into next row of the existing excel file).

If you want to know the last row index then you can use the below expression :
Index_val = item.Rows.Count+2 .

(Here +2 is added because excel index starts with 1 & 1st line will be a header usually)

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Thanks it worked.

@jfernandez ,

Great! Which ever method is worked for you, you can mark it as solution for others reference.


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