Write a time higher than the one obtained in string format

Hello, I would like to write a higher time than the one I get. In the attached image I show the time at which the last data upload was loaded. If what I want is to write in the white box an hour higher than the one obtained, how can I do it?

The string 82230 means that it is 08:22:30 a.m., if I get that number with the “Get Text” activity how can I then with “Type into” write the time higher than the one obtained



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try this @achap

DateTime.ParseExact(txt.PadLeft(6,"0"c), "HHmmss", nothing).AddHours(1).ToString("Hmmss")
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Ok thanks,

And if I wanted to write directly in the white box the current time minus 5 minutes in the format “Hmmss”, how would it be?



And how do I add the sign of greater than what is the time?

currently, we do see a drift from the origin topic request and the following questions. Just clear your requirements and once it is fixed we can help with the matching solution.

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