Write a range under another one previously created

I have 2 data sets that have to be copy/pasted one under the other, starting from column B (so it seems that I cant use Append range activity).

These are the 2 Excel Application scope sequences I created, but in the second one I don’t know how to formulate the starting cell in a way that the second data set goes under the first one. Any suggestion? thank you!


have a check on calculating the range by using the datatable rows count

Range = “B” & (existingDataTableVar.RowsCount + 2).toString
+1 = as Offset for the first row used as row header
+1 = we want append

as an alternate also existing activities (e.g. von Balareva) can help to find out the last filled row and using this info for range calculations

Can you merge both datatables and just write the merged result as one?
Or are the two completely different tables with different column designs you just want in one sheet?