Write a formula using RPA to refer to another sheet if match the Column is the same then add?

Hello i need some help to write a formula using RPA
I have a similiar name for that column i want that if the name is match then it will refer to the other sheet and add then up in the sub Total and then display in sheet 1

i have created a 2 different read sheet data and done a for each row to compare with if statement but then here onward i have no clue on what i should do ?

This is my excel file
Book1.xlsx (11.5 KB)

This is the xaml file
Test.xaml (8.7 KB)

Hey, @xxGoRpa
I have created workflow for this, hope this workflow will help you

XXGoRpa.xaml (15.9 KB)

Vinit Mhatre

Thanks but i got a problem i realize why i created a HHAD2341-002 id but total amount is $3300 ?
and is that a way say the total sum i can do a *1.07 ?
Book1.xlsx (12.5 KB)

I have added Sum=0 inside the loop now it will work as per your requirements
XXGoRpa.xaml (15.9 KB)

Vinit Mhatre

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Thanks it work perfectly now

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hi sry to distrub you again but let say my excel file is like this
Book1.xlsx (12.8 KB)

Cos i try to excute but i got error it say that

Assign: Column ‘Quotation Ref’ does not belong to table DataTable.

How can i fix it ?

Wait give me some time will check it

Sure sry here the new excel file i have created for what i wanted

Book1.xlsx (13.0 KB)

This is the new excel file i am trying out now

You Have to Start your read data from “A3” Range .
Just Do this change in your workflow…

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Thanks just want to ask that is no way to try using last row to write to Column C?

cos i try to write into column C using last row and somehow it reprint out everything ?

Also do u know why sometime it add extra column like Column 1, Column 2, Column 3 ?

Book1.xlsx (14.2 KB)

This is the excel file for book 1 but now i not sure why Column 1, Column 2 and Column 3 was added into the row where i couldnt find such Column ?

Hi for now this is fix :slight_smile: Thanks a lot


I dont get it, can you send your expected output you want?


oh is just a bug from the excel is not the rpa problem it was mention as i ask in the other title

fix it by recreating that sheet

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