Write a details in the excel sheet

I need to write a details in excel sheet. The column range is not fixed.


KVA 1125 1125
VOLTS/PHASE 480 120.0889
CURRENT WDG/LINE 781.25 / 1353.165 3122.688 / 3122.688


Here I used Space to split the above string. I need to write a each split string in a separate column. The next line of the string is a next row of the excel sheet.Here i uploaded excel file like that i need output.

You can use below method to easily manipulate data and write into Excel.


Hii Vinutha,
Santhi here I got output dear.I need to merge that Excel file.

I need output like this:


Your merge does not have any structure. The columns you have combined in first row are different from 2nd and 3rd. I don’t think this is possible in real-time.

Thx Dear:grinning:

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