Wring logs to elastic and manipulating the logs

All ,
currently we are writing logs to “files” , previously orchestrator wrote directly to elastic but then we had a weird problem , the moment web.config starts writing to elastic the logs in orchestrator u web page dis appeared. as we were in a hurry we changed the web.config so that orch writes to files
now this is the Architecture
orch server ---- beats — logstash - elastic - kibana
what am thinking is
orch – elastic - kibana
Now , going back to the issue i mentioned , that we can take care now we have time . we can see and resolve the issue if not we can reach the uipath support.
now the problem is ,
if remove logstash m the processing of logs cannot be done . When i say processing , i mean

  1. adding a new feilding
  2. trimming one particular feild using ruby code
  3. creating different indices in elastic based on the conteint of the feild

can i do all these things in side web.config ?
My Web.config