Would this be valid syntax inside of a "Write Text File"

ConfTerm + “[k(enter)]” + WanInter + “[k(enter)]” + IpAddy

(ConfTerm, WanInter, and IpAddy are already pre-defined variables.)

Hi @Zachary_Oliver

Yes… that is a valid syntax to write in a text file.

In case those variables are of non string type, just add “.toString” after the variable name to convert them to string like this:

ConfTerm.ToString + “[k(enter)]” + WanInter.ToString + “[k(enter)]” + IpAddy.ToString

It will work…

Let know how it goes…

In the text file, it displayed [k(enter)] instead of actually doing the Enter Key action…

make sure you do not select the “Simulate Type” option…

If you use that it will type it instead of entering to the next line :slight_smile:


  1. Buddy use a write text file activity
  2. Passs this as input, you are right buddy
  3. what would happen is when you type this it will get entered one line byline like

My kind suggestion would be instead of using [k(enter)] use ENVIRONMENT.NEWLINE
and thats the best practice buddy like this

ConfTerm + environment.newline + WanInter + environment.newline + IpAddy

Hope this would help you


Hi @Zachary_Oliver
check this screenshot


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It Worked! Thanks!

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