Would appreciate some insights

Hi everyone, I would appreciate any insights on something im working on. Iwill provide an image for reference.

I receive an amount(from the left column) from an excel sheet, once I have that amount. I have to go through a folder of multiple Invoices(PDFs) which do not have the same structure. Then try match the amount from the excel which would be the total amount in the Invoice. Once found just send a simple alert it has been matched. Problem I am facing is the Total Amount number structure varies(refer to the column on the right). How can I get the column on the left number to match any number on the right column irrespective of structure? Would I also need to convert the PDF to text? - Excel Image below:

Use regular expressions

you can use Matches (uipath.com)

It will help you extract the value which you can use to extract.

For your specific case, have a look below:


I hope this helps.

Thank you for the expression it worked.

In terms of the PDF, I have a folder with multiple pdf invoice all of them different. I need to match the number from excel to Total amount in the pdfs , If amount match then send okay alert(which is fine)? What would be the best way to do that?