Worst design ever made

The new design of orchestrator its the worst design i have ever seen. From before it was hard to navigate inside there, now its just impossible …

Hi @langsem

Feel free to provide specific feedback about areas that could be improved :slight_smile: We are always open to suggestions.

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Hi @langsem
Seems like you are falling love with Old design … :blush: so don’t worry still you have facility to change your new design into your old design and you can use it as same as before


@langsem can you please share a bit more information on what seems to be broken with the new design? We would love to hear more detailed feedback on areas to improve and we could also connect you with the design team to show specific pain points or problems to be solved.

@Maneesha_de_silva, the old design will actually go away and will not be available starting with the 19th of October for Community accounts and the 26th of October for Enterprise accounts.

Let us know what we could improve for the new design so we make it as useful as possible!

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I’m really appreciated to forward, the ideas for the new design
and I have already created a video for that

In addition that I’m appreciated if it having the opportunity to change the position of all panels we user want
Eg : Folder structure can be position into any ware we want.

And also a lot of things that I had regarding the orchestration user level, I’m very happy and looking forward to giving my ideas for the product at any time

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