Works on Run or Run File - doesnt work in Debug

Hi all,

I have a XAML which runs fine in other modes, but flags a ‘Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ error when running in Debug
I’ve been struggling to understand why and how this could be possible…does anyone have any suggestions why this would happen?

I can see that the assign happens because the assing is using a variable with a null value, which makes sense, however when I simply run the file there is no issue at all. Doesnt make sense!
I cant upload the xaml due to being a work related file. However I have uploaded a screenshot showing the issue when running on debug, which doesnt happen in other run modes


Hi @calOn8,
I’m not sure if I got it right but from what I see you are doing “self assignment” as you are trying to assign to same variable it’s own part. This can generate the issue here.