I am working on a requirement where a BOT has to go into suspended state until further input is received. To understand the scenario let me share a story:

A BOT runs on a daily basis and approves the leaves of employees on behalf of supervisor if the leave period is less than 7 days.

But if leave period is more than 7 days then Bot should send a notification to the supervisor with 2 options “Approve” or “Reject” and go into a suspended state. The supervisor can login to the portal and approve or reject the request and bot will resume from where it went into suspension.

Such functionality is available in Workfusion but I am not sure if similar feature is available in UiPath.

Any inputs will be helpful.


I believe i made something simulair. We have a robot on our servers that runs continuesly and the only thing it does is check his mails. Once a mail is recieved (The bot has his own dedicated email adress) he will retrieve all the data from it. Which then activates a function/process inside of the robot depending on the syntax of the mail. If the mail has an invalid syntax the robot will reply to that person with the error and the suggested correction on that syntax.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s a good workaround. But that again requires a BOT to run at a schedule. I am looking for something which will trigger the next BOT as soon as a change is done. For example if the leaves are approved or rejected the BOT should be executed.