Working with xml file

Need to read xml file. Below are the queries for same :

  1. How to find count of tags (Find count of Invoice in below example)
  2. Find child nodes in any tags/nodes.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> D-346789 I-13534543656 C-2367 Meier 1223 12,34 EUR 1224 4,56 EUR 1225 111,99 EUR I-31231231 C-7575 Heinen 456 12,11 EUR 457 43,16 EUR I-2222 C-1111 Tristan I-12321 C-6789 Hellweg 123 11,44 EUR 125 4,34 EUR 127 1112,29 EUR

Hi @ccma

The values are not look like xml. Because after the encoding tag there is no tag to get value