Working with the Application, using the try-catch block, the process goes to the catch block. After that, it returns to the try block, but it is not working

Working with the Application
Using the try-catch block,
In the try block (the first time), the process worked perfectly while using the application.
In the catch block, kill the process.
After killing the process, continue using the application.
After that, proceed to the try block.
In the try block, there is a click process, but it is not working.

Can you show me your code snip

What U mean By Code Snip

@krishnapriya_Anu I mean where you are facing issue.

After killing, do you reinitialize the application?

You mean Start the process after the Kill process


Yes, and also navigation/actions that make sure the application is in the correct state at the beginning of the “Try” block.

Yes It’s in the Correct state

Can you check if the selector is correct? Run it in debug mode until you get to the exception message, then check that the selector for Click ‘File Returns’ is valid.