Working with Multiple Queues


I am wondering if bots are able to change queue in the middle of processing?

let’s say once bot has arrived at point 3 with queue A, it would need to push certain data into another queue (queue B) and process that queue first(queue B), before coming back with original queue(queue A) to complete point 4 and etc…

is there any specific approach or best practices on this? thx

Hi @syezids ,

Yes it is possible, you need to design the control in the code in such way that after as you stated point 3 Bot enters data in queue 8 processes it and then does the other actions. This flow for better understanding you can develop in a flowchart also points where another queue is to be brought up in place can be decided over some Boolean values based upon your process.


Hi there @syezids,
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That is absolutely possible, but I would suggest caution.
It would likely be simpler to build this with multiple discrete processes, drawing from their own queues.

Those Processes could add a new item onto the subsequent Queue, which could then trigger the next Process within the chain.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a single Queue, with the Progress attribute being updated, so you can get visibility around the actions completed/outstanding.

Of course, if your use-case demand it, ignore the above!

Thanks in advance for your support,

I agree with Joshua. It is worth looking at which bits of the process are Discrete and re-usable, together with any requirements for sequencing and dependencies.

Code can be built in many different ways but it is usually easier to maintain if it is broken into sensible blocks.

Regards, Dave

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thanks a lot guys for the input @Shikhar_Tandon @Mr_JDavey @DavidMartin, really helped my design.

i have another concern, what if we have to postpone the queue B and go back into queue A? can we just get transaction right after we have set queue B items to be postponed? or again is there any other better practices for this