Working with excel tables


I would like to know if there is way to interact with tables in excel. To clarify: In excel you can specifically choose to create a “Table” which works similar to a data table in that excel functions can then interact with it like you would a data table, such as doing lookups for a row etc. This can come in quite handy, should you want to do some cleaning of data using the excel power query, og if you are building a dynamic excel sheet.

I imagine i might have scenarios where i use uipath to download the needed data, and then would like to just input it into a table in excel, after which the excel worksheet is set up to handle the rest. However I can’t seem to figure out if or how the read and write excel activities handles tables in excel, in case i would like to target a table in the workbook. Does anyone know if there is any activites to help with this?

Thank you in advance

Hello @MBSHansen ,

Did you tried/tested the BalaReva Excel activities?

If not, you can install it from Manage packages and see if it’s something good for the process you want to automate.