Working with Dropdown Menu that Depends on Previous Dropdown

I am working in an application where I need to run a search, and each subsequent dropdown is dependent on the selection in the previous dropdown and does not populate until a selection is made there.

The error that I am getting is I am able to select the first dropdown item, however the next menu does not appear and the process stops.

For example, I am working with records that have multiple accounts in different segments. In the first dropdown I need to select the ‘base’ segment and then from there, the second dropdown would be ‘account number’ but when I select ‘base’ in the first one, the dropdown containing ‘account number’ does not recognize that I’ve made a selection and therefore does not populate.

I have tried multiple things, including sending hotkeys, clicking on an area to see if that will update it, etc. I unfortunately cannot share this workflow as it is proprietary software I am working in.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Tal294,

I would like to suggest give some delay after you selected the first drop down “Base”.

hope it may works.


I have also tried a delay, it did not work.

Ok Is it possible to share the screenshot of the application if you do not mind.


Hey I have also the same requirement.By Anychance did you got the workaround for the same.

Can you please guide.

its solved here UiPath forms | Dependent Dropdown | Execute Do block on Dropdown Change |Tutorial - YouTube