Working with arguments - collection or import arguments?

can someone explain the difference between the two options to work with arguments? It is the same right?

Hi @MarkusDS

Import Arguments button will automatically import the arguments from the workflow file you specified.
Afterwards you can edit these arguments in the Arguments collection in the Properties pane.

Okay, so if i understand you correctly, one should start with Import arguments and then use Argument collection to set the connections to variables?

I sometimes experience differences between the two. Arguments collection will show my variables, but the import arguments shows only the arguments but not the connected variables.

What version of Studio are you using?

There was a bug that would cause the Import Arguments button to override already set variables that were assigned to the arguments. This was fixed though, and it should no longer do that.

Hello @MarkusDS,

firstly you should define the argument inside the workflow with in or out type and then when you will try importing the arguments it will work properly . There is no such difference between the two, the major point is you should properly first define the argument inside the workflow in which you need to pass the value when you will define it then save it which is compulsory after saving when you will click on import arguments or the other option you will always get the same visual and same results.

lets go in sequence
–we have a workflow now named workflow1.xaml and a main.xaml
–in workflow1.xaml we create certain arguments in the arguments panel (down next to the variable panel at the bottom of design panel)
–we define the arguments with respective direction IN or OUT or IN/OUT based on the direction or the flow in which the arguments are going to be passed
–once after creating arguments in workflow1.xaml and if we want that to be used in main.xaml then we will be using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE ACTIVITY where in the activity we got an option called IMPORT ARGUMENTS.
–we need to import the arguments that we have created in the workflow1 to main xaml so click on that option. and whenver we click that IMPORT ARGUMENTS all the arguments will be imported FRESHLY without its associated variables that we are going to mention now
–so after importing we have to use them in our main.xaml, so will be creating global variables in variable panel of main.xaml, so that we can use that variables to get the value of the arguments
and to mention those variables we have now, we need to go for ARGUMENTS property in the property panel of INVOKE WORKFLOW activity
–there we can mention the variables as values to get the arguments

Meanwhile whenever we click on the import arguments option in the activity, all the arguments will be imported freshly each and every time and then include the variables we need to go for ARGUMENTS property in the property panel

this is how the sequence goes on
hope this would help you
Cheers @MarkusDS

Hi @Palaniyappan and @Shikhar_Tandon

thanks for the very detailed description. This cleared up a lot,

@loginerror i am using the latest version of CE right now



Cheers @MarkusDS

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