Working with 2 excel workbook

I have workbook1 with payment details and other workbook2 with contact details. Common identifier in both is Parent ID (5050 workbook) in Account Account ID(in Contacts workbook) . For every row in workbook 1 take the Parent ID and search for account account id in workbook 2. After finding the account id in workbook 2, copy the contact details from workbook 2 to workbook 1.

Please help me in this. I am new to UI Path and trying to automate this process.

Hi @Madhura_PS

You can try using join datatable activity

Steps to be followed

  1. Read the workbook1 with read range activity and store in dt1

  2. Read the workbook2 with read range and store in dt2

  3. Use join datatable to join with the condition as

Parent ID = Account ID

Then u can get it easily

Nived N
Happy Automation

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thank u so much