Working screen area values after increasing the screen size

Hello everyone,

How to get screen working area after increasing the scale,
while the scale is 100%

this syntax will result correct dimensions, but when the scale is increased to 125%,
the working area width of the screen become 1093 but the above syntax will result 1366 which same as for 100%
how to find the working area after the zoom in
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Hi @krishna_r,

To my knowledge the System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea property returns a System.Drawing.Rectangle object that represents the working area of the primary monitor. The working area is the part of the screen that is available for application windows, and it excludes the taskbar and other docked windows. Based on variety of factors the resolution of working area (and the whole display) can change based on the scaling.

I can’t say for sure why it is happening on your machine. I suggest trying with following snippets:

System.Windows.Forms.Screen.FromControl(new Control).WorkingArea


Try with these and let me know if it works for you!


Hi @BogdanTod

I have tried the above syntax, Bounds returns the screen dimensions regardless of the scale percentage and for working area.width result the same value as Bounds

Hello @krishna_r
Try your code by changing the Display resolution value.
I think, increasing the Scale value does not affect the Width much more.


Need any dependicies or imports im getting different result

the result i want is same as the result in your image

I tried same by changing the different Display resolution

try this

  1. Import

  1. Try this Expession
Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width.ToString+" x "+ Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height.ToString

Or try this



yes i have tried the above syntax the resolution available is 1280 x 720 (required)

but the working area syntax result is 1920 x 1080

Working screen area values after increasing the screen size - #4 by Gokul_Jayakumar 4th syntac

@krishna_r , It will display the Current Screen size. If you change the Screensize in Settings, it will show the respective screen size./ Try the code by changing the screen resolutions in Display Setiings

Refer this post Working screen area values after increasing the screen size - #5 by krishna_r

here resolution is 1920 x 1080 with 100% scale this case the working screen scenario is 1920 x 1040
when scale is 125% working screen is 1536 x 864
when scale is 150% working screen is 1280 x 720
this is the result im expecting with UiPath
try below html with diffrerent scale

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>The Window Screen Object</h1>
<h2>Screen Properties</h2>

<div id="demo"></div>

let text = "Total width/height: " + screen.width + "*" + screen.height + "<br>" +
"Available width/height: " + screen.availWidth + "*" + screen.availHeight + "<br>" +
"Color depth: " + screen.colorDepth + "<br>" +
"Color resolution: " + screen.pixelDepth;

document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = text;


Based on your System resolution, the Height may changes while increasing the Scale

yes, but there is no change in width, the result is always max width irrespective of the scale percentage
you will find the difference in the html

@krishna_r , Applologies, The Width remains the same though the height will change in the Working area. Its changes based on your Primary resolutions.

but my requirement is the width