Working out a percentage


Part of the process I’m doing involves looking at a model of a boiler, e.g. Logic 35, obtaining the gas rate, e.g. 33.00, and seeing the gas rate is within -10% and 5% of it’s range (35).

Is there a way to do this within UiPath? Or would it be best to set up a template in Excel and work out the percentages that way?

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Hi @Short ,

The best way to perform this functionality in studiox is to handle the formula in the project notebook is a best practice.

Formula: =ROUND((B4-35)/35*100,1) - I am considering 35 is the threshold value. you can change it accordingly.

You have to input your number in the project notebook. please refer the below screenshot.


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

I don’t have StudioX unfortunately but good to see what it can do!

I’ll go with the Excel option, thank you :slight_smile:

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Your most welcome. In studio we can use assign activities and some other ways to do the same stuff.


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