Working on two different ERP at the same time in one xaml.file

Hi Team,

I have two invoices in a sheet that has to be pull from two different ERP.

My question is it possible to do ?

How would the Bot understand that the application opened is not related to this invoice…please suggest.
Column A Column B
123 Oracle
345 SAP


Kindly elaborate a bit more on this buddy
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@ palaniyappan

I am working on a project were I have to pull the invoices from Oracle but the responsibilities for every invoices is different…
Attached screenshot

Above screen says I have two invoices that has different responsibities-- How would the bot understand that after pulling the invoices from Progress bill it has to switch to Receipts responsibility to fetch the other invoice.

Application screen:_

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you got the answer buddy
may i know how we are getting for PROGRESS BILL
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@Palaniyappan I am Pulling the copy of Progress bill responsibility using Selector selection … I have not applied any logic that the reason when it will loop for the second invoices it checking for the copy again in PB.

The question is…how do users currently make that understanding? what is the business logic?

@ronanpeter The business logic says-

Master file contain invoices in column A and responsibility in column B

bot has to make a decision which one is process Bill invoices and Receipts and perform the steps accordingly to pull the invoices from this two instances based on their responsibilities image|690x375

You could set up the two navigation paths as separate processes, then, in your main workflow have a control step that says IF the Invoice is Progress Bill, invoke the Progress Bill workflow, otherwise invoke the Receipts. If there is more than two responsibilities, look at using a Switch activity to direct the bot.

One thing to remember is that the navigation should always return to the common starting point on Oracle before moving onto the next invoice, possibly the EBS home page.

@ronapeter—Can you give me some kind of reference xaml.file.

I never did this before separate processes …?

Many thanks

You should use the UiPath Reframework for such projects so please look to that first for building your activities.

I can’t share this xaml but essentially I have an excel file which the user populates with the various regression tests they want to run. Each test sequence has its own separate xaml file. The user selects which are relevant for this run and kicks off the bot.


The bot reads the excel and picks out the file path of those xamls required.

In a loop, managed by the Framework then, it kicks off each using the invoke workflow activity.

sound complicated I never worked on uipath reframework

The UiPath academy is free and the training centred around the ReFramework. You’ll find everything you need and don’t need any technical background to grasp it.

How should I make a decision kind of work for bot to first check the responsibility column, then open that application and pull the copies.

PLease advise


I would create queue with transaction item, where i would fill data, like: InvoiceNumber and ResponsibilityType.
Then in the main you can create retrieve transaction item, and depending on what kind of Resposibility you have, robot is using proper folder.

In that case if process is similar for all kind of resposibilities, you odn’t have to create any kind of decision, you just replace “receipt directory” by value from transaction item.

I’m not sure if this kind of answer you were waiting for, there is a lack of process details.

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Below Process details

I have list of invoices in a master data sheet Column A ( Invoice) , Column B( Modules)image

Application I am using is oracle → this contain different modules.

Main process should be read the excel file-> Open Oracle App → Inovice 123 relates to ETC US entity so bot should open US entity and pull the invoice , then go to next row Invoice 234 relates to AU entity so bot should open the AU entity and pull the invoice…simultaneously till end of sheet invoices.

Does this make sense?

Yes it does :smiley:

Still don’t know what you are doing while pulling the invoice but my first though which i described ( in previous message ) is what you need.

Of course it is only my opinion :wink: