Working on a use case where value is not updating in application database

I am working on a requirement where i am taking a value from web application & inserting a value into Oracle application…

All values are coming from web application as printed into logs also printed what is entering into second application (oracle) are just same also recorded the session in attended mode there also value is inserting.
But business is saying in their database that record is showing incomplete
for reference below is the highlighted value screenshot where value got inserted .

Any help or any suggestions would be appreciated here…
Thanks in advance

Hi @mittal.abhishek

Does it help if you click into the field first before inputting?

I would also play around with different input methods - maybe the Simulate Type (if used) is not enough.

@mittal.abhishek if Simulate is typing properly, you might also want to try using ‘Deselect at end’ property: Type Into

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