Working on a MS Access application where need to fetch check value on Check number column

I have tried to extract in extract data table but that’s not working now I am using get text activity also value is coming but if i have to fetch 2nd row value & 3rd row value and so on

How can i achieve this ?
Find below the screenshot -

Thanks in Advance !!

Hi @mittal.abhishek066 - Once you read the data into data table take For Each Row in Data Table activity

CurrentItem("CHK NUM").ToString ) OR 


6 is the col index value of Check NUM (col index always starts with 0)

Did you try this way. Does it giving any error? If yes, please share that error

If it’s not working this way, then give a try MS Access Data base

Hi @mittal.abhishek066 - Please check is there anyway to export this file in your local. So that you can read into data table and can perform data table manipulations


Instead of using Get Text or other UI activities

You can refer below post to integrate MS Access with UiPath

Hope this may help you



Ideally MS Access can be accessed through backend using database activities and we can use select queries to get the data

Frontend is not preferred method and you might face issues