Working Multiple PDF's With OCR


Hello, Good Morning!

I’m trying to manipulate multiple PDF Files with the same structure but with different variables, like different names and numbers.

I have tried all technics there I know so far like


Also, I used anchor-based activity alongside a Find Element and Get Text

But I can’t get to some variables because sometimes I get 2 or more variables at the same time:

So, I moved forward with computer vision:

It works amazingly, does exactly what I want.
But, if I try to read another PDF it won’t work.

1st, question, Can I only define the location filed in the OCR? so it can accept any variable as long they are inside that field?

2nd, there is a better option?

Thank you guys!!


Have you tried Read PDF With OCR Activity


If it is a digital where you can actually copy the text from it then you should use Read PDF Text Activity.


Both the activities will give the text of the whole PDF.

Then use string manipulation techniques (like regex) to extract the required information from the pdf Text string.

Starter help

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That is exacly what I’m doing right now. But thank anyway.

Cheers my friend :slight_smile:

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