Working in multiples browsers. Make a process for work in several/different browsers

how to make that a process that is already done for work with a type of browser can works with other.
for example: i like to use chrome, but my mate likes explorer. i create the proces for work in chrome but my mate is already on explorer…

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@amy93amanda there is option in Open browser activity to choose browser type from properties pane

yes, but there i can choose just one of them…

and i need to work with different browser. i mean one process is for different types.

surely u can
u will need to code accordingly
i guess u can use if condition to first check user then use browser x else use browser y activities

see if that works for you

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Hi @amy93amanda

I think you need to create a logic for that.It is doable but maybe you just need to validate if your mate is another user then the activity that will triger will set to the browser of chrome and else to another browser.I hope it make sense. :smiley:

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

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In the browser activity property panel choose the browser type as you wish. Thank you :smiley:


If you build the process based on chrome browser and the activities are already defined with browser base - it will be required some attention to check the selectors like - attach browser activity ( it might have chrome would’ve selected <html app=‘chrome.exe’ …>

To restructure the process -

  • Define a configuration in config excel - like Name “browserType” - value “chrome” or “IE”
  • use config value in open/attach browser activity as a parameter to set the browser.
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