Working in folders and subfolders

Hello evry body

I’m trying to do a job, who work in a folder, and his evry subfolders
For the moment, my job work, but only on the primary folder.
It’s actually search for docx file in thr folder, and rename in in .pdf.
Next, it’s join all the .pdf in the folder.
Next it’s rename the pdf
And next it’s delete old .pdf and docx.

(I used word and pdf activities)

Can you help me to integrate the job in a loop, which will do the same thing in all subfolders?

Thanks a lot !

ManossMain.xaml (24.8 KB)

Just Do one thing.
Use assign at the top and put this:
Path=Your primary Main Folder Path–>

Then Use for Loop and put your whole code inside it.
Main.xaml (29.0 KB)

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Hello thanks you a lot !
The robot can transforme word in pdf for each subfolder .
But now, i don’t arrived to joinded pdf files.

I assigned “arrFolders” to Directory.GetDirectories(initialFolder,““,Searchoption.AllDirectories)
I assigned PdfPth to Directory.Getdirectories(arrfolders,”

And i make a for each

For each .pdf in PdfPath
Join PDF files

Where can be my error?
sous dossier opé.xaml (14.5 KB)

Thanks Sachinbhardwaj

It was a probleme of position of my body, in the sequence

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