Working as Attended but not Unattended

Hi All,

My Bot is working well as Attended, when moving to unattended it throws the error.

And I opened my Project in server studio, it shows few validations.
That I couldn’t understand.
As per attended its running without errors
Please explain whats can I do?

Have you checked your “Manage Packages” section to ensure you’re using the correct package versions?

Did you recently migrate your process to a different environment?

No, i haven’t do any migration

How are you running the process unattended with access to the Output window from Studio?

Without studio, i’m running in server

I had this issue recently.

For some reason, the dependencies weren’t updated on the json file that gets published with the package.

You can try either replacing that file (on your deployed server) with the one on your project, or publishing a new version.

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Now, i updated the few dependencies activities in manage packages, and again published the package file.
Going to put in server and check.