Workflow works fine but sometimes it fails after running the same in debug mode again it works fine

Hi all,
When I run my workflow in debug mode it works fine as I excepted (when my table template exists in mail body it should goes to then block (in if condition) I used element exists activity to identify) but when I run the same in Run mode sometimes it can’t identify my table even it exists there ?
I’m also using dynamic selector for element exists activity…

hmm…if you are ablee to run in debug mode then it would surely work in normal mode as well
may i know what was the error you were getting
Cheers @PrabhuViswa

My workflow process (Read the mail body if it contains(predefined table template) it goes on to proceed the next process else it neglect the mail) for this I’m using Element exists activity to identify whether it is my template or not it works fine…But in some test cases even my table present in mail body it goes to else block and neglect the mail (when the same process run in debug mode it works fine after once it run in debug mode it works in run mode)…