Workflow working in Studio but not when published to Orchestrator

Hi guys,

I have encountered an issue when workflow is published in Orchestrator.

The workflow works fine if run in Studio, but when the exact same workflow is published in orchestrator and run via assistant or directly Orchestrator, is yields an error: “Error has occured: One or more errors occurred.”

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed error info in the log, so I cannot get onto what exactly is causing the issue.

Previous versions published work, but if I republish a working older version as a new package the same behaviour occurs.

Other workflows in Orchestrator work fine, even newly published. Same tenant, user and permissions.

Any ideas/experience how to fix it (other then scrap the entire work)?



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Hi @libork. Did u try to run it again?

Surround your workflow with try-catch and then in catch log the exception using log message and check if anything is coming in orchestrator. @libork


Check the job logs, also maintain logs in the workflow at some steps, so that you will understand where the flow is actually failing

This may helps you for tracking the issue


Hi guys,
@Srini84, @NIVED_NAMBIAR, @Parth_Doshi

thanx for the feedback and support! I have peppered the workflow with log messages and it revealed the issue.

I was using a temp folder directly in project tree, cleaned after each run, therefore it was empty when compiling the package. Empty folder did not get included in compilation and the location was missing in the compiled workflow, causing error when trying to write the temp file into non-existent location.

The entire workflow was wraped in try-catch, but strangely enough, the only message I could extract was the generic error message without pointing to any activity…maybe removing the try-catch and crashing the workflow would reveal more detailed info- did not try though.



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