Workflow very slow


Has anyone an idea why my workflow would run very slow when it loops inside a four each? I am set all activities to time out at 1000 and removed un necessary activities and also tried to remove the amount of CSS used. It still takes about 2 minutes to execute an activity and the first loop

could you post your workflow here?

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Main.xaml (71.8 KB)

It begins to get really slow as it comes out of the second for each with the ‘item’ variable. The next action is to click a close button and it takes around 2 minutes to execute

Why are you sending email using this way? You could use POP3/SMTP activity to send and attach items. It should reduce ur time.

It is a web based email application that can’t use POP3/SMTP. It doesn’t really explain why the bot would be so slow however even if I could use POP3/SMTP