Workflow runs smoothly when ran in itself. However, it encounters an error when ran via 'Invoke Workflow File'

So I have this xaml file that when I open and click on the run button, it runs smoothly as expected. Now, I want to run this from another xaml via the ‘Invoke Workflow File’ activity. However, when I run this, I encounter this error:


Where should I start looking on how to resolve this error?

Hi @earldantedumayag

If you are using the latest version of the WebDriver and still facing the issue, you can try updating the UiPath.Web.Activities package to the latest version in your project.



Can you show the complete error and is it occuring on invoke workflow file activity or on any activity inside the workflow?


@Anil_G, here’s the screenshot of the error. Not actually sure where the error is occurring. It hasn’t opened yet the workflow file, but the error seems related with the workflow file being invoked? But not really sure.


Can you open the locals panel and check the exception details…that might help with more info

Try matchign the system packages to the UiPath studio version or lower…


@Nitya1, the main xaml file that’s trying the workflow file uses v21.4.4, but the workflow file it’s trying to invoke is using v21.10.1. For licensing reasons, the server that currently houses my main xaml file can only read only the source codes. I think this is the reason why they’re having errors; it seems they need to be aligned in package version.

Thanks for the guidance; will try this out and let you know!

So it does seem that it’s due to the unmatched package versions of my workflow and the one that invokes this. After alignment and adjustments, all went well.

Thanks @Nitya1 and @Anil_G for the guidance!


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