Workflow path doesn't exist when I move onto virtual machine... how do I get past this?

Hi there, I’m not sure if this will be something anyone here can help with but I thought I’d ask!

I’ve build a bot which is going to be deployed onto a virtual machine. Within the bot, I have a ‘dynamic invoke’ which will determine which workflow is used based on a retrieved email.

I have exported the bot and uploaded it to orchestrator in a nupkg file, where it has a virtual machine which the bot runs on. The problem is that the workflow path I mentioned for the variable doesn’t exist on that machine and I think that this is causing it to error.

How would I combat this? Thanks for your help.

Hi @dr1992

Did you check the value of variable? It has proper path value?

It is a proper path on my development virtual machine, but not when move onto the production machine as the file sits on orchestrator and not the prod.

Could you share a screenshot?
One idea is to make invoked workflows a part of the project and use local paths. That way you would be independent of runtime environment.
Also you can replace dynamic invoke with multiple static invokes places inside switch clause.

If Absolute path is used to refer workflow path, the path would be definitely different in the prod machine. In that case you can use relative path to invoke workflows.

Solved it.

The bot knows where to look in its own file if you just put in the latest production folder name rather than a path.

So eg if it is stored here: D:username/Components
You can change it to be: Components

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