Workflow - Orchestration - Robots - Tenancy?

I downloaded Community Edition

  • Started Robot from Services.msc page
  • opened UiPath Studio -> created project -> started creating some flow in Activites tab page.


  1. How can I see Orchestration - have been hearing this term every now and then ? do I need to do something there?
  2. Workflow ? - where can I see this ? - or is it the same activities flow which I am already creating…
  3. Robots - I understand that I started the Robot service so that to Run my project…
  4. Do i need to do something with Tenancy ?

being novice - confused…


Go to this site: and register there and then go to Resources Center tab and there you will find introduction about this new cloud version of Orchestrator.

thanks @lakshman…i will…sorry for bad question…

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@lakshman the community edition downloaded from Resources Center and the one which i have already download, does it makes any difference ?

via desktop community edition (Microsoft Windows Service Control Manage) which I downloaded earlier and installed, I haven’t done anything w.r.t orchestration etc…apart from starting the Robot windows service…

if I download community edition from Cloud UiPath, do i need to take care of some extra steps?

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@lakshman have gone through Introduction videos…getting more clarity…thanks for your help.

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No. Both are same only. And also one more thing for community edition you can’t find any service under services.msc. it will be available for Enterprise Edition only.

Community Edition is user specific and Enterprise Edition is system specific.

@lakshman, I do start Robot in my Windows services


Now, in robot tray (for community edition which I downloaded from google), do I need to give
machine name (got from cloud) and orchestration Url (dont know from where to get it) ?


as of now, I have been able to run my processes which any cloud reference …


Specify URL as


If I stop the Robot service in services.msc (windows service), in my Robot Try, Orchestration settings comes in Disable mode.


If I enable Robot services in serivces.msc (windows service), then system Robot will work if I run any workflow from my studio project - then why would there be need to give any Orchestration Settings ??



If you want to run it from system tray or studio then no need of Orchestrator configuration.

Orchestrator will use for scheduling our job and remotely run our process and monitoring purpose etc. .

@lakshman If I START Robot windows service, simultaneously the Robot service on cloud becomes AVAILABLE.


If I STOP Robot windows service, simultaneously the Robot service on cloud becomes DISCONNECTED.


which is contradicting with your comments…


Could you please tell me the file name you installed it.

@lakshman, so if I am giving Orchestration settings in system tray - that will use Robot defined in Cloud - is that correct ?

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Yes if it is configured then you can run that job from orchestrator also remotely.

@lakshman, after I gave orchestration setting, when ever I was running the process, it said that robot with user name ‘PATHINFOTECH\ASHISH.AJMANI’ not found…so I created another robot with this name

post that, create a job and attached the process, which automatically opened Studio desktop…

which file name are you referring to ? JSON file - if yes, it is “Sequence”


Open CMD prompt and then type following command to check DomainName\Username


Then enter same domain and username in robots page and also it is case sensitive.

@lakshman on check whoami, it is coming as ‘pathinfotech\ashish.ajmani’

for robot already defined, username is coming as ‘PATHINFOTECH\ASHISH.AJMANI’

@lakshman and if I define another robot with username as ‘pathinfotech\ashish.ajmani’ it says already define.



Instead of creating new one and just try to edit the existing one.

@lakshman so only difference if I give orchestration settings in system tray is, If I give it, Cloud Robot will be utilized else System Specific Robot will be utilized while running the process - Am I correct in saying that ?