Workflow not working correctly after adding a for each loop

Hi, first I was checking with the workflow (attached below) each row with a row of a main file, if they are identical or not. but after adding a for each loop which should basicly iterate through a folder with diffrent files and compare them to the main file, the message box is displaying nonesense. for the first file it says “rows with the identical content: 0, rows with diffrent content: 0” after that for the other file in the folder “rows with identical content: 334, rows with diffrent content: 67”

ExcelSync2.xaml (13.5 KB)

thanks for the help

Update: now it won’t start at all.

Sheet name should be enclosed in double quotes. try running now.

Hi, sorry. that was just an example. the sheet name is actually diffrent.

is there a logic flaw ? one would would assume integrating somethig simple as a loop wouldn’t cause any problems. or is it because DT1 doesn’t behave like a normal variable and has to be initialized after looping through each time ? because otherwise I can’t explain why it is behaving in such a way.

Can u try by initializing the DTs.