Workflow not throw results on screen after executed in orchestrator

Hi Experts,

I am practising the UiPath exercise trying to publish robot to orchestrator, however the results not pop out to window.

Below is the simple testing done:-

  1. Create a sequence with message box

  2. Publish to orchestrator


  1. on orchestrator can see the packages

  1. Add process

  2. Go to Automation > Add process

  3. Continue

  4. Start the process

  1. select unattended

  2. Command sent to robot

  3. After that trigger the process

  4. the robot is running


  1. UiPath assistance show robot ran but i did not see any window message pop out…


Do you see any problem on my steps, need your expertise advice where went wrong?


As your license is Unattended, It’s better to keep a write line activity instead of message box, so that you can track your message from logs of the Jobs

Hope this may help you


Hi @Hima,

Few points here:

  1. If you want to do testing in an attended way, its best to test your process via uipath assistant.
  2. If you want to test in an unattended way(like you are trying), then test it via orchestrator but please make sure in that case to not put activities like message box(its intended for attended purpose), so in this case, better to use write line or log message activity, the results of which would show up in orchestrator logs.

Hope this helps.