Workflow not finishing

Whenever I finish a sequence on an “On Element Vanish” it never completes and throws an exception even if it has completed everything within the do

may i know what was the error we were gettting
Cheers @Jersey_Practical_Sho

This is not enough info for anyone to be able to help. What’s the exception message? Do you have screenshots? Can you attach the workflow you are having issues with?

So the item i am waitning to disappear, completes and the items within the DO complete, then it will throw the below concerning the “On Element Vanish”


RemoteException wrapping UiPath.Core.Activities.ActivityTimeoutException: Activity timeout exceeded
at System.Activities.Statements.Throw.Execute(CodeActivityContext context)
at System.Activities.CodeActivity.InternalExecute(ActivityInstance instance,
ActivityExecutor executor,
BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)
at System.Activities.ActivityInstance.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor,
BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)
at System.Activities.Runtime.ActivityExecutor.ExecuteActivityWorkItem.ExecuteBody(ActivityExecutor executor,
BookmarkManager bookmarkManager,
Location resultLocation)

“Name”: “On Element Vanish ‘H1’”,
“Id”: “1.3”,
“InstanceId”: “15”,
“TypeName”: “UiPath.Core.Activities.OnUiElementVanish”



On the properties of the “Element vanish” there’s a “RepeatForever” option. It defaults to “True” which means it’ll continue repeating the step. As the element has vanished, it won’t be able to move on (and times out, explaining your error). Change the “True” to “False” and it should work.

Let me know if that solves it!

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