Workflow locations in Main

it would be interesting to be possible to find all locations in Main for a workflow ,
something like with “open file location” in Project menu or something like with UI Explorer for workflows

Hi @negret

I’m not sure I understand correctly, could you clarify?

Do you mean to be able to right click a file in the Project page and be able to open its location in Windows Explorer? If so, this will be implemented with the incoming 2019.5 (of which beta is now available).


Hi @loginerror

I try to be more explicit
a possibility to find the locations where a workflow was invoked
right click on “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” file in the Project and selecting the option “find workflow locations” result is a popup text with :
"Process Transaction > Finally > Set the Transaction Status and go to next Transaction > Try "

I see! I guess you can do it now by searching for the workflow file name via global search in the top right corner :slight_smile:

It’s been improved in the 2019.5 to be more ‘global’, so it might fulfill your requirement even better.


Yes you are right. I like the Global Search option.

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UiPath is full of surprises !
Thank you for sharing them !