Workflow just ends by itself with no error without finishing

Hi guys, so i have a very long workflow from a previous intern that i am troubleshooting. When i run the workflow, everything works fine with no error up till a certain point where the robot is getting some text.

From there, the robot will just end itself without any error and bring me back to my workflow even though the workflow is not finished. This has been occurring a lot of time now and i know that it should work fine because it miraculously went past that point one time.

I am not sure if this matters but a little background: The robot/workflow was built on version 18. something(I can’t remember) and now i have it on the newer version, 2020.10.2. My company is trying to bring it up to a newer version of UiPath and i am trying to test if there any other issues and troubleshoot them. The workflow/robot still works fine in the older version on another machine.

try to use execution trail in debug mode to find out how many steps are being executed

how do i do execution trail? do i just run it using the debug file button?

go in debug mode and press execution trail and then start debug the file

Try with step into or debug

Hi, i did it in execution trail and the same thing happens… There were no errors or anything. It just ends the debugging and restarts the whole process even though the job is not done… i’ve painfully tried it 4-5 times now with varying result. 2-3 times, it went pass the get visible text portion the remaining, it just stopped at the point and restarted. Nothing seems off and it just kept being inconsistent. I did not change anything in all of the test.

can you share the workflow .

sadly i can’t… it’s on my company machine and it does not have any internet access at all.

Hi, so i took a closer look in the debugger and realised that the activity is not picking up the relevant data as it is not visible on the screen… thanks for the help anyways and teaching me how to use a debugger!

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