Workflow getting stopped

In the following screenshot, the program gets struck, and the ‘Null Trigger Executing,VisualBasicValue Executing’ is seen in the output section and get repeated thousands of times!!

Can I know the solution how to resolve it!


@sushmithaelluru It looks like one of the triggers from the state doesn’t have a condition set. Can you please check on that and set condition for all triggers.

Hi @Madhavi, I have given the condition for all the triggers!!

@sushmithaelluru is its possible to share your workflow?

Are you using a condition switch in your workflow sequence?
Any specific change you did to a seq state? you may be missing a state set when there is a transition.

I have faced this issue and got resolved because in one sequence i had missed a set of the transition value.

I have all the conditions in the sequence , will send the workflow, can you please look into it.

Will upload in google drive and give the link, as the size of the workflow is big.