Workflow Exception - Process cannot access the file



Hi Team,

When I run the workflow and it fails to do the login steps in URL, I get the error and the workflows gets terminated. when I do changes and try to save the file, I get the workflow exception error and unable to save the file and proceed with that XAML. I am finding this difficult to proceed to check for any errors.
I am using Uipath version 8 in client network.

“The process cannot access the file xxxxx.XAML because it is being used by another process”




Can you please show the screenshot of the error and your workflow.



Hi @Raji2016

Have you checked Logs? If then You can share logs here. will be easy to track and others things just cross checked first the file is opened and are using in other windows process also? if so close others and then use it.

Let me know :slight_smile: if anything happens except of this.




This is a known issue with v8 that has been fixed with 2016.1.5935.
I’d highly recommend to update to at least 2016.1 if possible. From my experience v8->2016.1 wasn’t hard to do, the only breaking change I recall is change of installation path (so need to update paths in ControlCenter/Scheduler/API calls). Rest should be compatible.
Added bonus is it also adds other fixes (including a fix to some memory issues which is always nice).

If for some reasons you can’t upgrade, there are a couple workarounds. They’re not ideal, but at least it will allow you to save the file.

  1. When a xaml gets locked, open a different one from the same project. This usually makes the old handle to be released and you’ll now be able to save the file.
  2. Use SaveAs and manually replace files.

There’s one more (releasing the handle manually from memory via external tools), but I don’t recommend it as it’s not that reliable (sometimes saving silently fails afterwards, which is understandable as we’re tampering with memory manually at that point, so all bets are off).



Hi Andrzej,

There is no need to save the file with different name. When the workflow gets locked, I am killing that robot process from task manager and able to save the file again. Thanks for the help on this.