Workflow Designer FilNotFoundException when typing first 2 letters while searching for variable type

After upgrading to 2018.1 I have been getting an error every time when searching for a variable type. It gives an error when typing the first letter, then the same error again when typing a second letter. After that, the error no longer occurs. All functionality remains, it’s just a pain having to click “OK” twice every time I need to search for a variable type. It looks like an assembly file is missing after the upgrade, but I’m not sure how to diagnose or fix. Any ideas?

FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices, Version=

hi @Dave

Have you restarted the Uipath Studio

Ashwin S

Yes I have. This has been a problem for a few weeks or a month or so (lots of full shutdowns & restarts in that timeframe).

I’m guessing it missed something in the install somehow, but since everything still works other than the annoying error message that pops up I didn’t bother to re-install as it’s a pain to do in my environment

HI @Dave,
Yes. you are right. re-install it . I hope it will work fine.