Workflow Arguments are null after first run of process on Studio

I have a strange occurrence inside Studio. I get username and password credentials from orchestrator then pass the username and password variables from the main file to a workflow with the “IN” direction. I then use the username and password arguments in the workflow to sign into a website. On the first run or debug of this process, the robot enters the username and password fine. But after that, if I run the process again, the username and password arguments are NULL, as if they weren’t passed into the workflow from the main.

I have to exit studio and reopen my project to get the variables to pass through correctly. But again only on the first run.

Has anyone else experienced this?


It’s weird. Is there any connection problem between Robot and Orchestrator ? Just check once.

No connection issues. I have a message box displaying the username in the main file, and it is there every time.

Hi! Did you check the arguments in the properties panel ?


Hello @RoboDan

Is this scenario now resolved? or do you still face the error you were having before?

I have not had this problem since I upgraded to 2019.10.1!