Workflow Analyzer with Customize Rules

Hello UiPath Developer Team,

today I build my first Workflow Analyzer rule based on the great explanation of @TomaB presentation on your documentation site. Now I have three questions:

  1. In your documentation I read: “When building custom rules, please target the .NET Framework version 4.6.1.” I work with net5.0-windows7.0 as target platform and all works well and as expected. I use Studio 21.10.4. Do I have an old link?

  2. Your Rules Naming Convention is e.g. ST-NMG-001 = Studio Naming 001 rule. Is it a fix convention? I mean two characters for the provider, hyphen, three characters, hyphen and a numbering. I tried it with BMW-DEV-001 and it works also. Do we have the option to choose another convention? In Germany we have the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik = Federal Office for Information Security) and they have a catalog of basic protection rules. On this way I would have the possibility to name rules in the Workflow Analyzer on the same way as they are named in the Basic Protection Catalog, e.g. like BSI-OPS.1.1.5. That would be a very big help if we can show the auditors that we do BSI checks.
    In this context, it is also worth mentioning a possible integration of Virus Scanner.

  3. You are using in your example design feature key WorkflowAnalyzerV4. As far as I can see in the class UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api is the current design feature key WorkflowAnalyzerV10. The use of this design feature key dependent on the Studio version, but how do I know which one I should use and what are their differences?

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Hello Maciej,
may I bring this posting into your attention? Maybe you have the opportunity to inform Bogdan.
Thanks for your support.
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Hello Community,

here my answer to question two:

The attribute AnalyzerInspector.Id, which contains the code, is from data type string. So I tried it with …


“This is a test” on German, and it works.


As far as I can say any string seems to be used here.

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Hey @StefanSchnell

I tagged @alexandru who should be able to address your queries :slight_smile:

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Hello Alexandru,

let me add to my questions above one more:

  1. The namespace UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.Models contains a lot of models, e.g. like ICaseModel, ICatchBlockModel, etc. But I can’t find a model for the Invoke Code Activity. My requirement is to read the code of an Invoke Code Activity. Do I need an own model for this or can I do it with an existing one? To differentiate the activities I use
    IActivityModel.Type = UiPath.Core.Activities.InvokeCode.

As a tiny addendum here a link to a blog how to analyze UiPath projects from command line with PowerShell from @magarenzo.

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